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I'm Roberta Griffin, also known as Little Bird or Bird, hence the title, Birds The Word Writing.  My range of work includes Articles, Web Content, Books, Short Stories, Blogging, Screenplays and more.  Oh, and did I mention I’m also a Ghostwriter? 

My writing career began when I took on the responsibility of the monthly newsletter for a company I once worked for. I changed the newsletter from a dry source of information, that usually ended up in a trash bin, into a source of creative information and reading entertainment. The company owners enjoyed my writing so much they asked if I would write for some of their clients. I agreed but then, I thought, ‘hey wait, I bet I can do this for a living.’  

That thought led me to where I am now. Since then, I have ghostwritten books and screenplays, I write web content within the marriage and floral industry, the financial world of bookkeeping and for paranormal websites. Currently, I have one book published with three in the works and one screenplay currently in production.

Working as a freelance writer is a job I take very seriously.  When writing for my clients, I make sure I’ve established enough information regarding their needs beforehand, taking care to listen to their voice and sense of style.  Then, I go into creative mode in order to contribute the necessary SEO content, article, blog, B2B or B2C necessary to generate readership and interest for the sake of their product and service.  Having said that, I’m flexible with my clients in order to ensure they are receiving exactly what they asked for.  And I must tell you, it makes me feel pretty darn good knowing I've delivered the high quality work my clients can expect from me.  Now that you know a little bit about me, feel free to cruise around my site, leave a comment if you wish, or contact me if you need assistance with any writing projects.  Thanks for reading, just remember, I'm here to help you.